Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about elevated work platforms and access equipment hire.

What happens if the machine has a problem or breaks down onsite?

Although rare, breakdowns and issues with machinery onsite are a possibility. That is why we guarantee the service of a professional technician. They will inspect the equipment onsite, and fix any issues. If the problem is unable to be fixed onsite, we will swap it out, free of charge.

Is your equipment reliable?

Every time a machine returns from hire we do a pre hire inspection to make sure everything is working as it should for the next person who hires it. In conjunction with our inspections we perform preventative maintenance on all our machines, every 3 months. 

I have a small space and need a scissor lift, will it fit?

We have various models of scissor lifts for tight spaces. The one that is best for small spaces are the narrow body scissor lifts. We also have models with collapsable rails, allowing for entry to tight spaces.

How do I get the equipment to my work site?

We have our own fleet of trucks, so if you need equipment or large items moved we can assist you. We have three sizes of trucks available, which can be used to transport anything from small machines to machines up to 21 tonne.

How much does it cost to have equipment transported to the job site?

The deliver anywhere in metro melbourne is $145 +GST, each way.

At what times can you deliver equipment?

We can deliver equipment to you from 6:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. We can also arrange delivery on weekends and after hours. Normally need to be notified the day before to arrange delivery. Read more about equipment transport

What types of jobs would a rough terrain scissor lift be used for?

We recommend that rough terrain scissor lifts are used for any site with uneven surfaces. This type of scissor lift is four wheel drive, with auto levelling functions. In addition, we have models that have dual extension desks and high platform capacity, which is perfect for when you need to work with materials at height.

What is a knuckle boom used for?

Knuckle booms have an up and over reach, meaning it can get to heights ranging from 30’ to 60’. Meaning that they are ideal for your high but hard to reach spaces. We have both diesel and electric models, which can be used both indoor and outdoors.

Do you have equipment that can be used indoors?

Yes, we have machines with non-marking tyres that can be used in circumstances where you need to use equipment indoors.

Are the machines you sell second hand?

Yes, the equipment we sell are all ex-rentals. They can be repainted, with your logo and signage. If you are interested in this service it does come at an extra fee.

Is a cherry picker the same as a knuckle boom?

Yes. knuckle booms are also referred to as an articulated boom lift or a cherry picker. 

What does "Articulated" mean?

Articulate means having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint. Having sections connected by joints allows each section to bend independently in different directions.

Why are they called "cherry pickers"?

The term “cherry picker” is the term that was coined when access platforms were used in orchards to hand pick fruit on hard to reach branches.