Knuckle Boom Hire

Knuckle booms are also referred to as an articulated boom lift or a cherry picker. These lifts feature an aerial work platform off an extended bendable boom with a joint or knuckle. This is what separates the knuckle boom from other elevated work platforms. With an up and over reach and heights ranging from 30’ to 60’ these machines are ideal for your high but difficult access needs. Looking for knuckle booms for hire in your local area? Call Melbourne Scissor Lift Hire today on (03) 9580 1600.

Knuckle Boom Lift Hire

The knuckle booms come in both diesel & electric models for indoor & outdoor applications.  With non-marking tyres available as well as slim line machines for tight access spots.

Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne

Diesel machines can be worked on a rough terrain or uneven surface and are considered the work horses of the industry. The electric models are perfect on a flat concrete surface, quiet and emission free, which is great for indoor applications.

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Product Platform Height Working Height  Stowed Height Stowed Width  Stowed Length Platform Size  Lift Capacity Weight
 30′ Electric 9.1m 11m 2m 1.2m 3.5m 1.17m x 0.76m 227kg 6,450kg
 34′ Electric 10.5m 12.5m 2.26m 1.47m 4.2m 1.42m x 0.76m 227kg 5,216kg
 34′ Diesel 10.5m 12.4m 2m 1.78m 4.1m 1.42m x 0.76m 227kg 4,854kg
45′ Electric 13.92m 15.92m 2m  1.79m 6.83m  1.83m x 0.76m  227kg 7,394kg
45′ Diesel 13.8m 15.66m 2.07m 2.22m 6.8m 1.83m x 0.76m  227kg  6,247kg
60′ Diesel 18.42m 20.42m 2.54m 2.44m 8.82m  2.44m x 0.91m 227kg  11,566kg


Genie & JLG Knuckle Booms – Specifications & Features

Z30-20N RJ Knuckle Boom

Z34-22IC Knuckle Boom

Z34-22N Knuckle Boom

Z45-25JDC Knuckle Boom

20m Diesel Knuckle Boom

Genie Knuckle Boom Family



  • Booms can be customized with options to fit individual job need
  • Narrow models available – ideal for tightest, most confined work areas
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Quick and flexible positioning
  • Rough terrain models available
  • Superior reach and positioning
  • Exceptional manoeuvreability
  • Diesel engine options
  • Precise platform positioning



  • Work areas with rugged terrain, like rough outdoor surfaces
  • Confined working spaces, that need booms to reach over large objects. In addition, their compact bases can fit easily into restricted areas, for example, between shelves.
  • Retail environments, factories or warehouses. Electric models are available with non marking tyres that don’t damage the floor or emit pollutants.
  • Any job where access is required above objects
  • Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications
  • Work areas close to buildings or around obstacles and access overhead work from aisles or other congested areas
  • Great for sensitive grass or paved surfaces and flooring such as airports, shopping centres, theatres, etc.

Safety & Instructions

Safety & Instructions

  • You do not require any form of certification to operate this machine
  • Prior to operating this machine, the operators manual must be read
  • Each customer must complete an entry in the logbook when operating the machine
  • A Basic Damage Waiver is included in the hire rates
  • Please ensure there is a safe area to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork for all deliveries and pickups



  • We have dedicated transportation trucks that can carry machines with up to 21 Tonne Capacity
  • We also employ full time drivers to deliver your machinery
  • Delivery is between 6:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday
  • Delivery out of business hours on a case by case basis

For more information visit our Transport page

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